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Carol Whitaker


I've struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years which was actually a gift in my life; had I not suffered with severe fatigue I would not have studied health, fitness & nutrition religiously over the past two decades.

I still study fitness and nutrition daily, I want to improve all I can each new day.  Over the years I learned to love unconditionally, to embrace eating whole foods, to love exercising and to have a positive mental attitude. Doing so I literally transformed my life and body in remarkable ways.

Living the LivFit Lifestyle is just that... it's a way of life!  It's not a diet, I don't believe in diets, diets only end in weight gain after the body has been in deprivation mode week after week.  If you want to have a treat now and again, that's okay, just be sure to eat healthy whole foods most of the time and to give unconditional love to your body each day.

By embracing a LivFit Lifestyle you'll not only lose weight but you'll have more energy and feel empowered too... And before long, your family & friends will be asking what you've been doing as they see the New You shine through!

To begin love all that you are and believe in your ability to succeed.  Then follow the LivFit Routine below faithfully and watch your life body transform!

1. Each week set 3 short term goals and 3 affirmations regarding diet & exercise. Place them where you can read them aloud with energy morning & night and be sure to write then in the present tense.

2. Visualize Success! 
Find a picture of the physique that you want. Post it where you see it every day to keep you on track!

3. Plan your exercise routines & meals a few days in advance
As the old saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail..." Plan your road map to success; take it seriously every day.

4. Diet & exercise journals are a must! 
Keeping track of everything you eat & your exercise routines holds you accountable to you! Track everything you put in your mouth & what exercises you do daily.

5. Drink up! 
Filtered water is a powerful tool to aid in weight loss. Aim for 80 to 100 oz a day, especially if you're training hard. I suggest drinking 2 oz of Liv Sxinney in your water throughout the day to detox the cells for faster recovery, for energy and weight loss.

6. Eat every few hours
Plan to eat every 3 hours consisting of Lean protein, complex carb & fresh veggies for three main meals and 2 to 3 protein snacks in between. Doing so will keep your metabolism fired up and you'll have more energy.

7. Get your Zzzs. 
Sleep is imperative to repair and rejuvenate the body. Muscle growth happens during sleep, so if you want to see results from your hard work in the gym get to bed by 10:30 pm each night.

Commit today to living a higher quality of life by living a LivFit Lifestyle. If I can do it with all the health issues I've had, so can you! Believe in yourself, you have what it takes too!

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Thanks for reading!

Carol Whitaker


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