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10 Ways to Release Self-Doubt

We've all experienced feelings of self-doubt and struggle with negative feelings,  it's part of life. But for many people it can be more often than not, which makes for a more difficult unfulfilled way of life.  

If you're stuck in having a negative mindset or doubt in your own abilities to have what it is you long for then you won't be able to become that which you wish to be. It's like wanting to feel the warmth of the sun but your stuck in a closet in your home, no matter how much you want to relish in the sunshine if you don't choose to open the door and walk out of the closet you will never be able to bask in the beauty of a warm summers day. 

To shift out of having a negative mindset into having a powerful, positive mindset let go of self-doubt and negative thinking, otherwise known as “resistance”. Resistance keeps you from attaining that which you long for. 

Resistance blocks you from believing and receiving that which you've asked for and keeps you from receiving because your dominate belief is diametrically opposed to what is is you desire, and by the Law of Attraction, you will ultimately attract back to you more reasons to validate your disbelief.

Having resistance which comes about by having a negative mindset of lack, disbelief, doubt and fear lowers your energy vibration which attracts more reasons to doubt in the goodness life has to offer. 

You were created to have joy in all areas of your life! God didn't put you on earth to suffer and live a life of constant misery and suffering, quite the contrary; He created you to experience limitless love, abundance and happiness. All of which is possible simply by being positive and trusting in Him which enables you to trust in yourself. Know that you have the innate ability to create your dreams with clarity and intention, but only if you release the resistance that is keeping you from attaining your dreams. 


Releasing resistance is often easier said than done, so, how is it that we can release this resistance and finally make better progress?  It’s by balancing your body, mind and spirit.  When you think on purpose and pay attention to your feelings you will automatically allow that which you desire to come to you. 

However, it’s not as simple as just recognizing your feelings.  It’s realizing what limiting belief systems you have that is causing resistance. Often we have resistance to that which is wanted without even realizing it.

Learning to recognize the feeling of resistance is the first step.  By understanding the self-doubt feelings of what is wanted or if you have negative feelings towards another or a thought those feelings are resistance.

By letting of the negative, doubtful feelings you will be able to come to understand that you can allow and then receive by focusing on the positive. Doing so you will naturally shift from low energy to high, vibrant energy. You will be in a peaceful state of mind which will attract more positive experiences to you.


Resistance isn’t always a bad thing, it’s actually part of  your internal guidance system, when you feel uneasy it’s your spirit reminding you that you are off course of what is needed to achieve your goals and dreams. It means that you need to simply change your thought process from negative to positive.

It’s all too common to have habits of allowing yourself to be loaded down with resistance; unfortunately, if you don’t shift into being positive it will wreak havoc in your body and in your life. Constant feelings of resistance can cause anxiety and even depression which creates an unsatisfying, unhappiness way of life.

By holding on to resistance you will find that you’ll have more confrontations with family and friends, you’ll be moody, you won’t want to exercise and your creativity goes down the drain.

If you suspect that you are struggling with resistance don’t try to hide it under a rug or talk yourself out of it, instead make peace with what is bothering you by looking for the beautiful life lessons in each experience that weighs heavy in your heart. Realize that your limiting beliefs do not serve you… and let them go.  

Believe in your ability to create and manifest your goals and dreams. Remember, you were created to have immense joy, love, peace and happiness in your life, just as God intended. There is opposition in all things to give us added strength and enlightenment to know what it is we do want

You can’t know you like something if there isn't an opposition to it. Learning to understand the meaning of resistance can help you more fully understand exactly what it is that you really do want to be, do or have. It's a beautiful guidance system from God letting you know you're off track from attaining what it is you want to manifest. 


Ask. Believe. Receive. It's truly that simple. Ask with a sincere heart and real intent. Believe that what you have asked for can and will be yours if it is for your highest good. Receive with open arms and gratitude by allowing what it is you desire to come to you. 

The other day I needed some extra money so I asked God, with real intent, believed I He would bring it to me by the Law of Attraction, and I then received two business opportunities a couple of days later that brought in the exact amount I needed. 

I didn't think of it as "Wow, what a coincidence" but rather, I immediately gave Thanks to the good Lord above. I knew exactly how it came to manifest in my life--because I simply believed and didn't have resistance to that which I asked for. 

You can do the same, you can manifest your dreams by letting go of resistance. Dream big dreams then allow your higher self to radiate powerfully by embracing your feel good feelings. Listen and follow your heart as it’s the way the Holy Spirit whispers to you. If it feels right then it is right--trust--don’t second guess yourself.

Let your heart lead your way by following the inspired action you feel impressed to take. If you focus on following your bliss each new day then synchronicity will play a daily role in your life as tender mercies from above lead your way, thus releasing resistance to that which is wanted to enable you to manifest that which you desire. It’s truly a magical way to live!

If you struggle with letting go of resistance incorporate the tips below to free yourself of limiting thoughts and beliefs. As you do, believe in yourself! Dreams really do come true!


1.    Living in the Moment. Live in the now by focusing on the present. All your power is in the Now! If you mind wonders to the past or future take a moment to regroup and focus on the current moment in time. 
2.    Move Forward in Faith. Believe that you are being divinely protected and cared for.  Visualize your path before you as bright and ask the heavens above to clear away the stumbling blocks before you. Faith always precedes the miracle! 
3.    Think on Purpose. Discipline your dominant thoughts daily. Connect with the magnificence that you are. Have a positive attitude and look for the good in all that you do. Let go of negativity that does not serve you, instead think success and expect excellence! 
4. Be Specific. Often the unknown often causes resistance, be clear about what you desire exactly in detail. Feel what it feels like to be, do or have hat which you long for as though you were living that way know. Your subconscious mind doesn't know the make believe from reality.  The more you focus on having the more you mind will attract back to you that which you desire. 
5.    Surround Yourself with Positive People. Chose to create friendships with uplifting, kind people that make you feel better about yourself once you’re with them.  Let go of negative friends and associate that are energy suckers, only talk to people who make you feel better about yourself. They will naturally stir up resistance within you.  
6.    Follow Your Bliss. Do what makes you happy every single day even if you only do so for 15 minutes.  Taking time to reconnect with what brings you peacefulness and contentment is, in fact, releasing resistance without you knowing it. Embrace taking the path of least resistance by following your bliss. 
7.    Create a Positive Mindset. Create new truth in each area of life by focusing on the positive.  Your habitual thoughts create beliefs, so if you focus on a positive thought for that which bothers you your mind will let go of the old belief and replace them with powerful positive believes that will empower you. 
8.    Ponder on Your Heart’s Desires. Each night as you lie in bed ponder in detail what you want your life to be, as you sleep your subconscious mind will process your thoughts as you were drifting off to sleep which will create new mind programming to believe in that which you wish for. Then each morning as you begin to awaken from your restful night’s sleep give thanks for the many blessings in your life and what a wonderful day it will be. 
9.    Let Your Light Shine. Let your light shine by serving others.  Share your gifts and talents with those in need.  Be charitable.  Serve with a giving heart, the more you give the more you are reaffirming to yourself that there is more than enough to share, and that will attract more abundance to you. 
10.  Believe In Your Ability. Take focused action and follow through with your inspired goals.  Your higher self knows your destiny, trust what you feel and believe that all things are possible if you believe it! Trust yourself and your ability to make the right choices. Let go of trying to make something happy and believe that the heavens will orchestrate the universe to create that which you wish for. With God, all things are possible!
If you practice living with a mindset by "letting go and letting God" you will be able to shift from a negative resistance mindset to a powerful mindset of creation.  Thoughts have energy frequency vibration, stay in the vibration of creation by having faith that it will only get better, the best is yet to come!

Carol Whitaker

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