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Life is way too short to go about your day insulting or feeling unloving towards yourself. If you want to change your life then you need to learn how to love and respect yourself--unconditionally.  

Resolve today to become the best you can be by incorporating into your daily life the following 5 simple tips below. Believe that YOU really can transform your life, in miraculous ways!

1. Say “I Love You” Often

Each day wake up and look in the mirror and say “I love you”. Say a positive compliment about yourself each time you see a reflection of yourself, including when you look in your car rear view mirrors.

If you practice saying how much you love you each new day you will soon come to find that your habitual self-talk will naturally become more positive and optimistic. 

Doing so will attract back to you more positive experiences and people into your life.  It’s truly magical to have love reflect back to you.

2. Love & Respect Your Body

Respect your body expressing verbally out loud how much you love and appreciate it all that it is. Speak to your body as though you were speaking to your best friend.

Feed your body high quality foods by honoring what was created to eat to function optimally. Make proper nutrition a high priority. By eating a diet full of fiber and nutrition you will begin to love your body more.  Eat a nutritious diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, good fats and lean proteins.

What you eat reflects not only in your physical appearance but in your energy and aura as well. Whole foods have a much higher energy frequency than dead low energy junk foods. Love and respect your body by having positive self- dialog and eat healthy foods your body craves.

3. Wear Flattering Clothes 

What do you wear most often?  What you wear expresses how you feel about your body image. People often try to hide behind their clothes they wear big baggy shirts and baggy pants.  Hiding your beautiful body reflects to the world of your low self-image.

 If you want to lose weight and feel fantastic then you need to dress the part today. By wearing clothes that flatter your figure now will improve your self-esteem greatly. When you dress in clothes that accent your physique you will feel more empowered and have more self-confidence.  And the more confidence you have the more you will want to dress nicely every day.

You can look and feel your best 7 days a week by having a wardrobe that flatters your beautiful body no matter what size you are.

4. Stop Negative Self-talk

Your habitual inner-dialog affects all aspects of your life. If you think kindly about yourself then good job! However, if you think negatively—stop it!

When you are positive you are open to love. Just as a child craves positive reinforcement from their parents you crave the approval of you.  When you love yourself fully you will become more positive and optimistic.

Your mind is extremely powerful so use it to your advantage. The more you think kindly of yourself the more you will come to love everything about you.

5. Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

Take pride in all that you do.  Set goals that inspire you to expand then create a game plan and follow through. When you have accomplished your goals give yourself a pat on the back and take pride in your accomplishment. 

When you succeed be proud of yourself for a job well done, you should not downplay your accomplishments or apologize for them. When you have good news to share do so only with those that support and uplift you.

The more you acknowledge your success and congratulate you the more you will come to love to try new adventures or to dream bigger dreams. Share your gifts with those that love you and celebrate your victory together. Take pride in knowing you can do anything you set your mind to.

By implementing these tips into your life you will be able to love yourself fully which will improve all aspects of your life... be true to yourself by loving YOU!

-Carol Whitaker
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