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Logging your fitness success is incredibly motivating to help you stay on track day after day. There are several ways to log your success, the best of which is keeping a diet/fitness journal and taking progress. I kept fitness journals for years, it helps me stay laser focused on my goals and keeps me in the "fitness zone".

Taking progress photos is empowering! To see your body transform little by little is highly motivating.  It’s a great way to stay focused on your fitness goals week after week.

It's rewarding to see the results of your dedication to living a fit lifestyle with photos. We look at ourselves differently in photos than we do when we look in the mirror. It's an awesome feeling to see your progress and to keep you laser focused on your goals.

Keeping a diet and workout journal is also an excellent way to stay focused on your fitness goals daily. It's awesome to look back at the end of the day and see how well you did in honoring your goals. 

You can also print and paste your progress photos in your journal to keep a better record of your improvements and accomplishments. You'll be amazed to see how your physique transforms as you keep track of your progress photos.

You don’t need to make taking a progress photo a big deal, you can take progress photos with your cell phone, that's what I do each week, that way you can keep a log in your phone of your progress. By taking your own photos you won't be embarrassed about someone else taking your picture or if you can have a family member take photos of you. Either way works!

It's also inspirational to look back at your progress photos and see just how far you've come. Progress photos help create new belief systems of how rewarding living a fit lifestyle really is.  .. it’s a great feeling to wake up and workout first thing in the morning followed by eating a clean diet throughout the day.


Having progress photos is another great way to log your fitness progress. You can upload your photos on many diet and weight loss goals online as well on sites such as http://mynetdiary.com or you can just keep a diet/exercise journal. How you keep track is up to you, there is no right or wrong way to do it—just do it!

So make it a point to take a progress photo of yourself at least once every week or two and then post them where you can see them. Rather than looking at how far you “need to go” look for “how far you've come” and look for all the small improvements you've made in your physique.

The more positive you are the sooner your body will transform into what you think about most, it’s empowering to say the least to use the power of your mind to create the body of your dreams in addition to diet and exercise.  

After you reach your short term goals whether it’s simply working out each morning or losing 5 to 10 pounds be sure to reward yourself for a job “well done”.  The more fun you make fitness the more you will enjoy it and will soon become a-true-blue “fitness junky”.

Keeping a fitness journal is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals sooner. Have a ball creating the life and body of your dreams. Be diligent in eating clean, exercising at least 5 days a week, and taking a progress photos weekly and before you know it you will achieve fitness success!

Liv fit! Train hard! Liv happy!

Carol Whitaker
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