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To Become Happier & Healthier

When you want to change your life you must learn to embrace change with love and thankfulness for all the blessings in your life. You cannot expand and become a more accomplished individual without change.  Most people shy away from change which is a big reason as to why they stay “stuck”. 

To transform your life in all areas, including having a leaner physique, having more energy, having more loving relationships and becoming more successful in your endeavors than you must learn to think positively and embrace life to the fullest each new day.

You were literally created to have a life filled with love, joy, peace & happiness, but only if you choose to.  Living a happy life is a choice.  We were born with free agency, what a gift we all have, we have the intrinsic ability to decide just how we want in our lives.  Each of us literally has the power within to change our life & body at a very deep level. 

You can experience true joy & happiness today!  You can also transform your physique easier than you may think possible.  All you have to do is take charge of your mind and emotions by only allowing powerful, creative, loving thoughts to enter your mind.  You are the master of your mind.  Your mind is not the master of you.

You are not only your finite body that needs to eat, exercise and sleep daily to survive, the larger part of you is spiritual, your true essence that resides within ~ together they are your soul.  Your miraculous body is a gift from God to care for and love.  You are an infinite being of pure energy and light of utmost perfection.  Unfortunately, life experiences often interferes with the bliss that resides within which allows negative energies of the world to disturb and interrupt our peace of mind causing fear, worry and anxiety. 

Fortunately, you can change that...  You can master your thoughts and emotions by using the power of your mind on purpose, by thinking commanding thoughts of thankfulness and creation.  It takes time and daily practice to accomplish it as a natural state of being, but if you focus every day on your thoughts you will soon find that  you will naturally have more optimistic, loving thoughts will become your predominate way of thinking, and then you will find just how glorious life truly is.


We were put on earth to have love, joy, happiness, prosperity and great abundance of every kind. We were not created to suffer with intense depression, fears and sadness on a daily basis – that is not the will of our divine Creator.  Each experience we have is either perceived by us emotionally and is stored in our subconscious mind. 

It is up to us to learn the life lessons in each experience, to give thanks for the lessons learned and then to let go of the negative feelings and memories that caused us to learn the life lessons needed to grow and become the magnificent woman you are today. Once the life lesson is learned you will not have to endure it again. 

By having commanding, inspired thoughts of love, joy, forgiveness and gratitude for your body as well as for your life experiences you will be able to transform everything about you with less effort than you would otherwise. When you have habitual negative self-dialog, you will have frustrating, painful emotions and experiences.  The persistent negativity will begin to deteriorate your body at a much faster rate. Illness will set in and the light that once shined brightly from within will become dim and you will feel lethargic and sad.

On the contrary, if you have demanding thoughts of unconditional love and gratitude for your body the energy frequency within your cells will be magnified and recharged with the energy of spirit’s pure love & light, that will instantly shift your energy frequency from low to high which will allow your body to be healthier and full-of-life.  You will be empowered!


Choose your thoughts wisely and embrace having loving feelings towards others throughout the day.  When negative thoughts or images come into your mind release them without judgment then replace them with creative thoughts that bring you joy and happiness. 

Soon you will realize that you will find that you will begin to crave healthier foods, you’ll have the more energy and a desire to exercise.  You will also be more optimistic and pleasant to be around.  You’ll find that the world is on your side and life is easier than it was before.  You will attract more abundance in all areas of your life, with even more than enough to share. It is a truly beautiful way to live!

Decide today to take control of your life and body by taking control of your mind.  Ultimately you are the creator of your world.  Believe that you are deserve of every good thing life has to offer.  Embrace all that you are, by choosing to be happy, to eat clean, exercise daily and to get plenty of sleep.  By having a positive, powerful mindset you will create the life of your dreams!

Carol Whitaker
Author of the forthcoming book
Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to
Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams


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