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The last week before a photo shoot is for dialing in and getting the last little bit of fat off for a lean, ripped physique.   It takes a lot of determination and focus to accomplish the ripped look we all want on photo shoot day.

Below are tips to help you accomplish your goals.  By following these tips you will be able to lower your body fat and you will still have energy for your workouts. 

As always, stay positive!  Remember, you mind is your greatest asset to accomplishing your dreams.  You will become what you believe, so believe in all that you can achieve your goals and dreams! J


When I have a modeling photo shoot coming up this is what I do to cut my body fat down to achieve me ripped physique.

·         CARDIO:  Do an hour of cardio each morning with HITT for the first 20 to 30 minutes.

CARDIO AM: 60 minutes cardio 10 at a pace of 3.2 to 3.5, also do intervals with running and walking.

CARDIO PM: 35 minutes of stair stepper set at a 6 to 7.

·         WATER INTAKE:  
      Water increases the metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Increase water intake up to 2 gallons daily until Friday at 3:00 pm. After that the remainder of Friday and Saturday just sip water to quench your thirst.
Your body will continue to releasing water because it is used to the highly supply which you have been drinking throughout the week. Drink about ½ gallon on Friday and Saturday – do not cut water out completely!  Water under the skin will be drawn into muscle cells creating a tighter drier look.

·         INSTANT ENERGY:  Before a photo shoot you can make an instant energy mix which is equal portions of honey, natural peanut butter, and Whey Isolate Protein.  By eating this you will have quick energy and muscle fullness. 

·         EAT CARBS:  Eat one additional meal high in carbs, sugar and fat 3 hours prior to the photo shoot. This will keep your muscles full and give you added energy to make it through the photo shoot with ease. 

·         SUPPLEMENTS:  Take 1 serving of creatine, glutamine and potassium prior to every meal starting Tuesday. Continue prior to until the day of your photo shoot.  Multi vita/mineral x2 day, calcium x2,  Vitamin C 4 x a day, Vitamin E 2 x a day, B complex morning and night, EFA's 3 x a day.
·         ADD CARBS ON FRIDAY: Add a small portion of complex carbs brown rice or sweet potato, avoid oatmeal from Wednesday on, high fiber foods cause bloating and water retention under the skin.

·         SEA SALT:  Use sea salt (sparingly) to every meal up until the Wednesday evening the week of your photo shoot then stop adding salt to your food on Thursday and Friday.  No sodium Thur/Fri, keep water intake high up 2 gals until Friday at 6pm, then cut to a small amount. 

·         CUT FIBROUS VEGGIES:  Cut out all fibrous vegetables Thursday and Friday because they can cause bloating.

·         FAT:  Only use Fish oil, Omega's & CLA for fat.

·         SLEEP:  Sleep is imperative for weight loss and it keeps our mind and emotions in check as well.  So get to bed by 10:30 pm each evening.

·         WORKOUT:  Keep the same routine but cut out leg training Wed and just focus on upper body and abs, keep doing cardio and listen to your body.  If you get too tired then rest!  Always listen to your body.

·         HAVE FUN: Be happy! Enjoy yourself each time you workout, before long you will see a transformation taking place of which is highly motivating to continue striving for your fitness goals.  J


Drink a pre-workout drink and vitamins first thing in the morning before doing cardio. 

Meal 1: Post workout:  Whey Isolate Protein with ½ banana

Meal 2:  6 egg whites and 1/8 cup wheat bran/wheat germ

Meal 3:  6 oz turkey or fish, ½ cups sweet potato, 1 cup green veggies

Meal 4:  6 oz turkey or fish, ½ cups sweet potato, 1 cup green veggies

Meal 5:  6 oz turkey, fish or chicken and 2 cups green veggies

Meal 6:  6 egg white omelet with peppers

If you follow these guidelines you will be able to get in the best shape of your life.  You are amazing and you are the best!  

BE thankful and loving to about your body and speak kindly to yourself as though you are your best friend and your body will rise to the occasion of what your hearts desires.

Happy training!
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