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Beginning a fitness endeavor may seem daunting at first, there's so much to learn and a lot of effort is required to reach success.  It doesn't have to be overwhelming, it simply takes committing to living healthier each new day. 

Living a healthier, happier life is the result of putting YOU FIRST in your life.  How can you fully care for your loved ones if you constantly put yourself on the back burner?  By ignoring you you’ll find that your soul’s desire for self-love & affection will become emotional  hunger which will spark cravings fort junk food, aka "comfort foods" to fulfill your emotional needs that have not been met by YOU! And in the end the foods you turned to are not comforting at all… eating foods high in fat, sugar & sodium ultimately ends in sadness, weight gain & frustrations.

By following my blog over the next few weeks I'll teach you how to live the LivFit Lifestyle. You can regain control of your life & thoughts one day at a time... I'll post straight for 30 days to ensure you'll have motivation to create a new LivFit Lifestyle Change for good!


I've struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years, which was actually a gift in my life; had I not suffered with severe fatigue I would not have studied health, fitness & nutrition religiously over the past 18 years. I still study fitness & nutrition daily, I want to improve all I can each new day. Over the years I learned to love me completely, to embrace eating whole foods, to have the desire to exercising daily and to have a positive mental attitude. Doing so I literally transformed my life in every way – YOU too can transform your life - the choice is yours...

Living the LivFit Lifestyle is just that... it's a way of life! It's not a diet, I don't believe in diets - diets only end in weight gain after the body has been in deprivation mode week after week. If you want to have a treat now and again, that's okay, just be sure to eat healthy whole foods most of the time and to give unconditional love to your body each day. By embracing the LivFit Lifestyle you'll not only lose weight but you'll have more energy and feel empowered too... And before long, your family & friends will be asking what you've been doing as they see the New You shine through!


To begin you must LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU Now! Give love & praise to your beautiful fat-burning machine that gives it's all for you every day. Then follow the LivFit Routine below full-heartedly and watch your life body transform!

1. Love You.  You can't change your life if you're stuck in the past.  Love everything about you, live in the moment and believe in your ability to achieve your dreams.  You will be able to release fat easier by having a positive mindset. Think positively and let go of negativity to create the life of your dreams.

2. Set Goal. Each week set 3 short term goals and 3 affirmations which support your diet & exercise. Place them where you can read them enthusiastically morning & night and be sure to write then in the present tense.  Focus on your goals throughout the day to keep your subconscious mind on track with attracting that which you desire, including transforming your physique.

3. Visualize Success! Find a picture of the physique that you want to have. Post it where you see it every day and visualize that your body looks like that now. See yourself lighter, with more energy and happy! What you think about most you bring about, so think success!

4. Plan Ahead! Plan your exercise routines & meals a few days in advance. As the old saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail..." Plan your road map to success; take it seriously every day.

5. Journal Keeping.  Diet & exercise journals are excellent tools for success. By keeping track of everything you eat & your exercise routines holds you accountable to you. Track everything you put in your mouth & what exercises you do daily and soon you will realize it you will be eager to exercise because of the results you see in the mirror.  Also, write down positive affirmations at the top of the page each day, give yourself a pat on the back as a job well done.

6. Drink up! Filtered water is an often overlooked weight loss aid. Drinking water all day long will ward off hunger as well as raise your metabolism.  Aim for 80 to 100 oz a day, especially if you're training hard. I suggest drinking 2 oz of Liv Sxinney in your water throughout the day to detox the cells for faster recovery, for energy and weight loss.

7. Eat often. Eat every 3 hours consisting of lean protein, a complex carb & fresh veggies for three main meals and 2 to 3 protein snacks in between. Doing so will keep your metabolism fired up and you'll have more energy, vitality and you'll be in a better mood too.

8. Get your Zzzz's. Sleep is imperative to repair and rejuvenate the body. Muscle growth happens during sleep, so if you want to see results from your hard work in the gym get to bed by 10:30 pm each night so you can be well rested for a vibrant and successful day.

You can be all that you dream of by following these tips and believing that all things are possible, if you follow through with your goals and dreams.  Liv Fit! Train Hard! Liv Happy!

~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Consultant
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