Thursday, March 15, 2012




You can achieve fitness success!  Anyone can, including YOU! Believe in your innate ability to being able to master your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  When you believe in YOU fully, you have nowhere to go but up!  

Let go of negative, limiting thoughts that life is unfair, hard, and that you're not good enough to have a fit, lean physique.  You were created to be a fit, lean, sexy machine!  It doesn't matter what your past has been.  You can take control of your life now by living in the present and having an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation.  You were not created to be over weight, sad, lethargic, depressed or unhappy... You were created to live life to the fullest  joyfully by embracing all that you are to enable you to achieve your goals and dreams now! 


It is imperative to laser in and focus on your fitness goals daily. Focus on you goals throughout the day. Write your goals down (in the present tense), read them aloud with happiness and zeal each morning then again before bed, and visualizing yourself as though you have already accomplished your goals. By following through and honoring yourself you will reach your goal sooner.

Create a fertile soil for your fitness seeds to grow and blossom.  Your thoughts are your soil and your feelings, emotions and beliefs are your soil.  And faith is the sunshine and rain to keep your soil optimal for abundance of growth and vegetation.  What is your soil like now?  Is it desolate and dry?  Allow yourself to love everything about you and let the sunshine radiate from within.


If you want to achieve a lean body by summer then set fitness goals today, and create an action plan for success.  Keep them simple, set goals that you believe you can do within the next week or two, then allow them to come to you by feeling and choosing to be happy now!  Read your goals aloud each morning and night with enthusiasm.  Visualize your body each day as you wish it to be as though you already had your dream body.  Allow your mind to work on your body for you, doing so you won't have to workout so hard, and you will naturally begin to crave healthier food choices too.


Your feelings are your internal compass, pay attention throughout the day to what you are feeling.  Do things that bring you joy and happiness.  Share your time and gift with others, charity is the most powerful way to be in alignment with your higher self and with the powers of heaven.  So serve, love and believe that all things are possible and then take action to create the life & body of your dreams. 

Believe you deserve to live the life & body of your dreams.  Tell yourself all day long, "I CAN achieve my goals!"  " I feel thinner and stronger today!"  "I Believe in ME!"

Truly Believe that you are already perfect as you were created.  Believe that you are a powerful creator of your own destiny. Believe in your dreams by dreaming BIG Dreams... Remember, dreams really do come true but only if you believe!

Embrace Your Journey to Success

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Consultant

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