Monday, February 13, 2012



Do you love yourself unconditionally?  Do you think positively and speak kind words to yourself when you make a mistake.  Who do you see in the mirror looking back at you?   We all have our ups and downs, it's part of life.  I struggle time to time with keeping my spirits up, but when I feel down I know that it's my higher self reminding me that I'm off track to receiving and creating that which I dream for.  I quickly regroup and get back on track by choosing to be happy and to look for the good all around me.  I soon become my happy, optimistic self once more.

You too can be happy.  But you must first learn the importance of loving you. You must learn how to love you to be able to be to receive love fully.  For example, if you wanted to make a delicious valentines cake for your loved ones and didn’t have a mixing bowl in which to mix it in, it wouldn’t matter that you had all the ingredients and a mixer and an oven to bake it in, without a mixing bowl to combine the needed ingredients you could not make the cake, regardless of how much you desired to do so.

So it is with having unconditional love.  Love is the foundation of all creation.  Without love you can’t know happiness, joy, prosperity and good health ~ it’s impossible.  Love is the mixing bowl of life.  Love heals all wounds, creates bridges and mends broken hearts, allows forgiveness to take pace, increases longevity, supports the body and created eternal friendships. 


Having immense love is your divine birthright.  You were literally created to have joy, love, happiness & abundance of every kind.  But if your heart is filled with resentment, jealously, self-pity, arrogance, selfishness, anger, hate, fear, remorse or despair you are not able to fully embrace the love that you were born with.  Limiting negative thoughts and feelings only create much, much more of what you do not want.

If you feel contention within, let it go, negative thoughts only create doubt and fear which does not serve you.  Everything you say or think that is negative towards someone else is in actuality a mirror of you.  It is impossible to think ill of someone if you do not have ill feelings about yourself.  Every thought, feeling and emotion is a direct manifestation of how you truly feel about yourself.

If you often find yourself criticizing others stop and replace those thoughts with kindness. Allow your mind to release judgment towards yourself & others, holding judgment in your heart only comes back to hurt you, not the one you are angry and resentful towards.  Embrace the goodness in everyone and everything.  Allow your higher-self to radiate beautifully for the world to see and feel and in return you will have more to be thankful for!


Walk with your head held high with love and thankfulness in your heart for all of the blessings in your life, especially for your miraculous body.  You are a magnificent being of truth and light.  Forget the past, forgive and forget easily and love you with all your heart, might, mind and soul. 

By living in the consciousness of love you will soon come to realize that you no longer crave “comfort food” to fill you emotional hunger. Cravings for sugars, salts and processed foods will subside because your emotional needs of needing love, joy, peace and happiness will be have been fulfilled.  

So love all that you are and celebrate YOU this Valentine’s Day!  Do what brings you joy; share your enthusiasm for life with those that make you smile, and relish in the splendid beauty of who you truly are ~ perfection in the truest form. 

Have a magical, fun, loving Valentine’s Day as you come to be all you can be by loving you!

~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Consultant

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