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Embrace Your True Essence

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours -
it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.” ~Bob Moawad

Living Your Truth

Living your truth means to live from your spirit, your true essence.  In order to live from your spirit you must balance and connect the body, mind and spirit to become whole and complete.   

Having control of your mind is one of the most empowering things you can do, it will literally shift your vibration to a higher energy frequency which will give you more hope, will-power and determination to dream and believe in your accomplishing that which you wish for.  

This in turn will enable you to attract that which is needed to fully accomplish your goals and dreams, step by step, in all areas of your life.

The Power of Your Mind

Our minds are extremely powerful! Our thoughts literally create the world around us.  You know what your past habitual thoughts were by looking at your physical body and current reality.  If you do not like what you have created, don't despair  it is of your past thoughts.  You can literally create a happier more abundant future by re-claiming your power now.    

You are a creator.  Everything you do is preceded by a thought.  You are not you finite body, that is only a part of you, your larger part of you is a spiritual being of pure energy and light ~ you literally have divinity within ~ you are a creator!  So you get to create your life on purpose! Isn't that exciting!  And how you do that is through your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

All thoughts, good or bad, have energy.  The energy frequency flows vastly from each of us and reaches those who are needed to manifest your thoughts into your reality.  Choosing on a conscious level to choose your thoughts wisely as the Lord has taught time and time again, is one of the most powerful lessons to learn while on this earth.  Your thoughts create your life.

The Lord has blessed us immensely with the gift our beautiful, sacred bodies.  It is an intricate creation of different energies, it is perfect energy of light.  Unfortunately as we grow and experience mortal life our spiritual eyes become dim and we allow the world to program into our minds that which is scary or what we should be afraid of, sadly the world is based on fears, which is not of God.

As you progress you will learn beautiful lessons by the power of the spirit, the Lord will guide your every footstep.  How do you do this you may ask; by pondering scriptures and through meditation.  By being in control of your mind which is quieting your mind, having no thoughts at all, having a still mind. 


If you have constant chatter in your mind it is virtually impossible to receive divine revelation and true intuition of spirit, by quieting your mind through meditation you will be able to receive and understand that which you are guided to by divine guidance from above.  Take time each day to meditate and ponder that which your heart desires. 

For 10 minutes, sit alone in a special room in your home where you will be undisturbed.  Say a prayer prior asking for the Spirit to be with you to help you gain control of your mind.   

The ultimate goal is to be the boss & master of your mind, to create every thought on purpose.  The mind does not like to be quiet or still, it expresses if it should stop thinking the world will stop.  That is not the case.  Having control over the mind will allow your spirit’s energy to emerge brightly. 

Sit and breathe deeply several times, focus on quieting your mind, in other words, turning off the mind.  Focus and feel spirit which is the real YOU.  Ask yourself “who am I” allow the feelings of pure love fill your heart and mind.  

If thoughts of the day creep into your mind gently let them go and refocus on the stillness and the awareness of spirit.  You’ll be amazed how empowering it is to be able to turn off your mind and allow spirit to radiate freely.  Once you have sat in stillness for a few minutes, allow the words of our Savior, “Be still” encompass your soul.  

Having power and control of your mind will literally transform your life, it is the beginning of all manifestation.  If you think on purpose and forgive freely then you will become a deliberate creator.  

However, you can’t change any outcome in your life if you do not take control of your thoughts and emotions now, by living in the present and being without judgment of self and of others.  Be happy by deciding to think positive thoughts.  Your thoughts create emotions ~ the most powerful energy on earth. 

Choose positive, creative thoughts that you would like to experience in the future, this will ultimately create your future reality.  Be happy and content with all the blessings in your life now.  

When negative thoughts that cause you to have anxiety enter, replace them with the opposite, think of thoughts that bring you joy & happiness.  Don’t try to crush negative thoughts or fight the feelings within, just let them go by having thoughts about life that you are thankful for.  Pay attention to all the beauty in your life, the earth, you family, your home, etc…

Living from Your Higher Self

Be the master of your mind.  Remember your mind is its own entity ~ be the master of it.   YOU are the Master of your mind ~ your mind is NOT the master of you!  You can be in charge of your every thought with regular meditation along with practicing throughout the day.

Living from your higher self takes time to incorporate into your daily life, but within time you will notice that situations that once bothered you will no longer effect your emotions, once you realize this, rejoice!  That is yet another manifestation that you are living from your higher-self, spirit, which is your true essence.

May the Lord and His mighty angels encircle you with pure love to strengthen you and bring gladness to your heart as you renew & transform your life by taking control of your thoughts and emotions to create the life of your dreams as you embrace your beautiful journey along the way… keep in mind it’s not about the destination but the beauty of living in the moment as you embrace all that you are and the world around you. 

Believe in your divinity within.  Honor you by choosing constructive thoughts and emotions that serve you each and every day in your life as you follow the promptings of the spirit with each step you take to manifest the joyful life of your dreams.

Carol Whitaker

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