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Is Emotional Hunger Making You Fat?

Are You Really Hungry?

It’s that time of year again to try to lose the unwanted fat gained over the holidays. Millions of people have scribbled down their New Year’s Resolutions, most of which have “weight loss” as one of the top three goals.

Millions of people wake up extra early to exercise, they sweat & grown as they push their body’s limits in the gym,  they workout hard day after day yet within a few short weeks they become discouraged because they’re not seeing the results they were hoping for and quit within a month.

The desire to be keep ones New Year's Resolutions lasts on average for two to four weeks at most, many of us find ourselves lacking the inter-strength  to have the motivation and willpower needed to continue to accomplish our goals & dreams.

Have you ever wondered why this happens year after year? You may be in this same boat, or perhaps you do stick with your resolutions and achieve your goals only to gain back all the weight back within time.

Emotional Hunger

We’ve all heard about emotional eating, when we’re stressed, board, lonely or in pain we tend to reach for “comfort foods” which aren’t in truth comforting at all.  This is emotional hunger.  Ultimately after ingesting sweets we become frustrated from lack of willpower and have low energy. So why do we workout so hard in only to go home and sabotage all the hard work?

It’s because most people don’t understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Emotions are very powerful; everything you do throughout the day is based on your emotional state of mind. When you’re feeling down it’s natural to reach for something sweet. When you eat sugary foods your brain releases serotonin which makes you feel better, but that lasts for only a few minutes and then you come crashing down, hard! Our brain’s so called reward is from the releasing of serotonin & beta-endorphins when we eat sugary foods or other refined carbohydrates that instantly converted to glucose, the simplest form of sugar; which is not what your body wanted at all, your emotions did.

Sugar is Toxic

Refined sugar is very toxic to the body because takes a huge amount of chemicals to refine it down and it has empty calories. Because there isn’t any nutritional value in sugar the body continues crave what it needs, vitamins and minerals, so it desires more food even after you eat a high calorie dessert.

In addition sugar suppresses the immune system, spikes insulin and drains the body of valuable minerals and vitamins that are needed for proper digestion. Ultimately eating too much sugar over the years may cause illness, fatigue and depression.

Take Control of Your Emotions

By releasing emotional issues that are causing feelings of fear, stress and anxiety, you will have more willpower, inner-peace and self confidence which will have a profound effect in the brain. You will naturally begin to crave healthier foods and the desire to exercise more. Your body is very smart, when it becomes balanced spiritually, physically & mentally it will function optimally.

You can take control of your emotional hunger by taking control of your emotions. You have the power within. A few methods to release negative feelings are by praying, meditating, saying affirmations, doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and visualization along with having forgiveness and positive thoughts about you.

Next time you find yourself wandering mindlessly into your pantry, take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry or am I feeling emotional hungry?”

Taking responsibility of your emotions will improve your life a countless ways. Make 2011 your greatest & happiest year ever!

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