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The other day my dear friend emailed me asking for advice, she was feeling a bit low and was in need of a little TLC on how to get out of the emotional rut she was in... I gladly shared with her how to shift from a sad mood to a happy, joyful state of being.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, depressed or feel any negative emotion for that matter life can seem more difficult and frustrating. You’ll have less energy and you’ll be more fatigued than usual. By choosing to live in an Attitude of Gratitude you can literally shift your energy level from being pessimistic to optimistic. Doing so you will shift your energy frequency to a higher empowering level which in turn you’ll feel better and have tons more energy to get you through your busy day. You’ll also eat healthier, you’ll have the desire to exercise more and you’ll be much more fun to be around.


To achieve any goal & dream you must believe in YOU & allow love, joy & abundance to flow to you freely!

I recently adopted the horse of my dreams, a magnificent Friesian! Alexander The Great aka Xander. Before I found him I visualized daily and gave thanks to Heavenly Father for allowing me to have my dream horse. I was passionate about finding him and felt love and gratitude in my heart throughout the day for all the many gifts& blessings in my life. And before I knew it a miraculous journey unfolded and I'm proud to say that my sweet boy came into my life much easier and sooner than I had anticipated.

I know without a doubt that he was meant to be mine! But had I doubted and gave into the negative self-talk he would not be in my back yard right now. Not only did my dream come true but best of all I made a new best friend, Nancy. She's an eternal friend and an absolute angel. Because I stayed focused on being positive and having an Attitude of Gratitude my dreams literally came true.

You too can have your dreams come true! We all want to live an abundant life in all areas including health, wealth & true happiness. Here is my reply to my friend coaching her on how to shift her negative emotions to joyful, life-loving emotions.  She soon after sent me a loving email of thankfulness expressing how much doing these simple acts of Gratitide helped her tons.

If you’re feeling down or  would like to create your dreams more easily you can do these simple acts of Gratitude to transform your life starting today! 

Remember, the more you are Grateful the more you will have to be Grateful for! =)


Hey sweetie,

Bless your heart, I understand your feelings… it’s easy to get down and discouraged when you’ve been through a lot emotionally and with your family’s unfortunate news that just compounds the “blues” feelings.

To give you a happy boost each day try these simple steps of gratitude…

Before you get out of bed think about all the gifts in your life and then Thank Heavenly Father over and over for all the blessings in your life and then kneel for your morning prayer. And then throughout the day focus on all the glorious things in the world including your beautiful body and family. Then again at night go to bed with gratitude and give thanks for all the beautiful blessings that you enjoyed that day.

Also, be sure to get adequate sleep. A well rested body is less likely to get depressed as easily, that means early to bed... Be sure to give yourself plenty of time between firesides to rest and renew, especially with your precious family. And then as always try to eat healthy whole foods, it will give your body the nutrients it needs to ensure you have the energy your busy schedule requires.

Doing these simple acts of gratitude will help you get out of a rut and it will help you open your spirit more to receiving more joyful experiences. Embrace life with an Attitude of Gratitude and life will embrace you in all areas in return.

Have thankfulness for yourself in every way and feel the feelings of joy & happiness to create the life of your dreams…

Big hugs,

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