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Most everyone knows how passionate I am about motivating other's to improve their quality of life through fitness & nutrition. I'm all about living life to the fullest which includes, living a happy & abundant lifestyle. I'm also a big fan of supplements; I know how healing they are for the body. I recovered from Rheumatic Fever when I was as child because of supplements.


My dear Mother is my ultimate hero for so many reasons, one of which she literally saved my health by teaching me the power of supplements. I took Penicillin to protect my heart for 6 years in my youth; it ultimately destroyed my immune system which brought on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

From that experience I learned how to take control of my health and wellness by eating whole foods, supplementing my diet and exercising daily. Had I not been ill in my youth I would not be the fitness guru I am today. Fitness is my life. I study nutrition daily, every herb, essential oil, vitamins, minerals and whole foods are from above; our bodies literally crave proper nutrition each and every day! In fact our bodies prefer fewer calories to live a more vibrant way of life.


When I was introduced to Liv SXinney just over a year ago I was very reluctant to try a MLM product, I was not into NM at all! But when I learned what was in Liv SXinney and the science behind it I immediately changed my mind and embraced it! I’m sooo glad I did!

It literally changed my life! After drinking it for about 3 to 4 weeks I lost weight (10 lbs), I had more energy and I felt happier and more uplifted mentally. So needless to say I now promote Liv SXinney whole heartedly! But it’s not just the products that I love but the company is like no other. The CEO & formulator, Jeff Tuttle, is one of the most highly caring individuals that I’ve ever met. He not only has 30 years experience but he genuinely wants to assist all he can to improve their way of life both physically and financially.


Liv International Empowerment Compensation Plan

Part of the fun is losing weight from your body, and gaining weight in your wallet!

At Liv International, you get paid fast, get paid often, and get paid a lot. We pay 50% on all product volume. No gimmicks. No breakage. Just money in your wallet!

Liv International will pay a huge bonus to ONE winning Distributor that's elegiable by signing up just 10 people in the month of February $1,000! It’s incredible!

So with that I’m looking for amazing people to join my LivFit Team! All who sign up this month as a distributor will receive a FREE BOTTLE OF LIV SXINNEY!!!  That's a $64 value along with FREE weekly Mentoring & Fitness Coaching on our Conference Calls with me personally! I’ll teach you how to live life to the fullest by embracing health, fitness & abundance!

To join my team just log onto or email me at and I’ll email you information and a Liv Int’l application that you can fax in.


By joining my LivFit Team you’ll not only make an amazing income (if you work at it) but you’ll also lose weight and sculpt your physique too! Who doesn’t want to look better in their clothes and have more money in the bank? And best of all you’ll become a member of the Liv Family which is a powerful, close community of high energy, loving people from all over the nation & Canada!

Celebrate You by Living the LivFit Lifestyle!

Until next time... Liv Fit, Train Hard & Liv Happy… That my friend is the secret to a happier, healthier way of life!

~Carol Whitaker
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