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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What a fun time of year. My kids are really looking forward to an awesome day. They get to wear their costumes to school. I love to watch the enthusiasm in their eyes and the extra little jump in each step. We carved pumpkins last night, each of them made their own design, they all turned out adorable! We're having really warm weather. For the first time that I can remember we were outside looking at the jack-o-lanterns light up without jackets on. It was wonderful! Too bad it can't last, but at least we've been blessed to have nice weather for this long.

For those of you that love sugar today will be a day of great temptation. But do not fear, you can have a trick or two up your sleeve to ward off those haunting treats. Remember nothing tastes as good as thin feels! Literally! Visualize yourself saying, "No, thank you." When people offer you a sugaring treat you really can say "No, thank you." You won't offend them, they won't care if you eat it or not. But you'll feel proud and more self confident by honoring yourself and your goals.

Be sure to take extra cRave with you today. Have a stash in your car or purse to be well prepared when you go to a social gathering. Just before you leave for a party tonight take some cRave along with a big swig of Liv SXinney water. That will help give you the willpower to say no and to stay focused on your goals. If you really want a treat have a protein bar instead. It will taste like a candy bar but without the fat and empty calories. And if you choose to have some candy have 1 or 2 bite size rather than a bunch throughout the day. Remember if you fall off the wagon and give in to all of the high calorie, high fat goodies today you'll wake up feeling awful both physically and mentally. No one likes to hit the rock bottom lows after indulging in candy. Its just not worth it!

Be true to yourself - especially today! Have a fantastic time enjoying Halloween by staying on your LivFit Lifestyle plan. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

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