Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 5, 2008


Yesterday was a fun but crazy, busy day. I did a video shoot with Tom Jones for ZXoom's website. We had a great time and got some killer footage. It was good to be in front of the camera again too. I did a testimonial which I will post on my blog, I'm excited for the addition. I love Liv SXinney so much!!! It's awesome being part of such an amazing company in so many ways. I have to say I love the people the very most. Everyone is incredibly kind and we all share the same excitement for the product. The energy is high which I love!

I'm very tired today, my construction company has been extremely busy, but its all good. I enjoy building, its highly rewarding to help people obtain their dreams. Its such a great feeling to see the families move into their dream homes, we take great pride in each home we build. We're almost finished with one and have another half way finished. I'm sooo ready for new clients, I welcome them and look forward to hearing from them today! How's that for positive thoughts... I know we'll get another client sooner than later, I hope to begin a new home within two months. Last year we literally had a waiting list and then the economy dropped... I wish we still had a waiting list I'll tell ya what. I'll never put a client on hold again!
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