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5 Things Nobody Tells You about Successful Weight Loss

5 Things Nobody Tells You about Successful Weight Loss Guest Post By: Evelyn Kail With the fitness craze catching up, everyone wants to lose weight and stay fit. There are diets like vegan, vegetarian, and Weight Watchers that people follow with regular workouts. So finally they either reach their ideal weight or tone up. Most of the articles on the web tell that losing weight will reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. You fail to notice that they tend to focus on the obvious. People fail to mention the good and the bad things associated with weight loss. If you are looking for a resource, then Garage Gym Planner has a lot of article about fitness and general health.

10 Tips to Cultivate a Higher Self-Esteem

10 Tips to Cultivate a Higher 
Cultivating a high self-esteem is the key to improving all aspects of your life. Your life as it is now is an expression of your deep rooted self-beliefs, inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings. As is your body, it is constantly articulating whether or not your thoughts are for your highest good or not by how you feel. Take a moment to notice what is your body telling you right now; how do you feel? Do you feel pleased and full of life or do you feel exhausted, worn down, or lack hope?
How you feel physically is directly influenced by your psychology. For instance, if you wake up feeling well and then you go to work and your co-workers tell you that you look ill and ask you if you’re okay, soon your mind would shift to questioning how you feel which would directly affect your body. Within a short amount of time, your body would begin to feel unwell. On the flip side, if you woke up feeling tired or unwell and your coworkers keep complimenting yo…