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Protein Rich Alternative Foods for Bodybuilding

Protein Rich Alternative Foods for BodybuildingGuest Post By: James McDuffy Contrary to what most people think, proteins don’t necessarily have to come from red meats and chicken. After all, it’s not unusual to find bodybuilders that are vegetarians, who rely completely on non-meat sources for their protein requirements.
In my opinion, there’s a certain type of wisdom behind this practice. For instance:
1.Not as expensive as meats 2.Contain fewer calories 3.Kinder to the environment
It’s just as easy to get protein without having to resort to meat.
Recently I overheard a conversation at my gym where two guys were discussing whether becoming a vegetarian would affect the muscle building process. One thing that caught my attention immediately was when one of the guys probed whether non-meat protein sources offered “complete proteins”.

Around a fortnight prior to that, I read a long article discussing “complete proteins”. For those of you wondering what complete proteins are, this term refe…