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Living Your Life’s Calling

Living Your Life’s Calling
Each of us was born to fulfil a calling in life, unique and individualized, just as we are each individual in nature. When we embrace our truth and resonate with our divine power within, we are able to feel and harken to the still, small voice that whispers to us, which is leading us to understand what it is that God put us on earth to do. 

Living your life’s calling is what your destiny is made of, it is the thread that weaves the beauty of your life’s tapestry. It is the color of the rainbow that sparkles within you. It is what makes you special, valued and needed.

Your life's calling is that which calls to you to do. It's what inspires you to dream big dreams and to want to change the world--even if that world is within the walls of your own home. Your calling is that which is meant for you to fulfil while on this earth. 
 You have innate gifts and talents that are longing to be used and shared with those in your circle of influence. It is what keep you going and wanting to accomplish more, to become all that you desire to be—and more. 

As you come to better understand your life calling by daily meditation and prayer, you will be guided to fulfill that which you are supposed to do. When you feel the yearning call to you, listen and ponder what it is your higher self and God are communicating with you.

You’ll know when you’re on the right track by how you feel. When you have a new idea and you think about pursuing it and it feels right, that is inspiration sent to you from above. You may feel scared or apprehensive, but that’s a good thing, it means you are indeed heeding the promptings of your higher self. You can’t fulfil your destiny if you stay locked up in your comfort zone.

And when you feel elated and enthusiastic about life that's when you can know for sure that you're on the right path to fulfil your life's calling. When you are living your purpose, life becomes magical, exciting and more rewarding. Living a life of meaning and passion awakens your spiritual self even more so at a core level.

How to Find Your True Calling
I recently wrote an article for that goes into further detail on how to find your life calling. Always remember that you were born to fulfil your unique purpose and destiny—you were born to shine and live an extraordinary life filled with all the love, joy, happiness and abundance your heart desires.

Live with intent and with the mission to live your true life calling. You are a cherished child of God who has much to give, and in return, will have much more to receive as you embrace your destiny. :)


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