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12 Stress-Free Living Tips

12 Stress-Free Living Tips

Do you want to be happier and have more control over your life? If so, then make it a point to release stress regularly. We often have stress without even realizing it, but your body does. When you feel worried and strained your body is yelling with an ‘energy megaphone’ that you’re off course of living a joyful life, as you were created to do.

Stress plays havoc with the body in a myriad of ways. Ill health, diseases, contention, mental fatigue, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, sleep disorders, confusion, anxiety, fear, and unhappiness are some of the results. Luckily, when you feel stressed, you can release that stress and get back in synch with your happy self. 

It is your innate nature to be HAPPY! That's why you feel so out of sorts when you're not happy and overly stressed. Stress is toxic to the body, mind and spirit.  the stress in your life to allow yourself to be free of the burden of worries and concerns.  Below are 12 tips to help you to release stress and live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

12 Stress-Free Living Tips 

1.       Love yourself. Love yourself unconditionally and completely despite your mistakes or current circumstances. The more love you have for you, the more your self-image will improve, which will help melt the stress away.

2.       Believe in you. Focus on what you want to achieve. Believe in your innate ability to create and manifest your dreams with intention and clarity. If you do not have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you will not be able to improve your quality of life. Believe in yourself. Dream big dreams, and then take focused action daily to attain what you desire. The more self-belief you have, the more you will enjoy inner peace.

3.       Have positive self-talk. Harness the power of your mind by having a positive inner dialog. Creating a new mantra of life-supporting beliefs will enable you to accomplish your goals and dreams, and this will help to ease your stress and bring about fulfillment and peace.

4.       Live in the present moment. Live in the now with gratitude for all that is and all that you have. An attitude of gratitude will shift your energy from worry and stress to appreciation and bliss.

5.       Let go. Let go of negativity. Release limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck in a world of pessimism and despair and replace those undesirable thoughts with thoughts of love, hope, and happiness. Letting go of old thought patterns will help you mold powerful new ones which will lessen your worries and concerns.

6.       Emotional release. Practice emotional clearing exercises whenever they are needed by using positive affirmations that enrich you, and by doing the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping therapy. A form of psychological acupressure, tapping therapy is highly beneficial for releasing deep emotional pains and limiting negative beliefs and fears. Together, affirmations and EFT work wonders in clearing out old limiting beliefs that do not serve you.

7.       Eat clean and exercise often. Eat a healthy diet that is filled with lean proteins, fruits, veggies, complex carbohydrates and clean fats to keep your body healthy. In addition, make sure you exercise regularly to release those feel-good endorphins, which ease stress and increase your energy levels.

8.       Forgive and forget. Let go of past experiences that have caused you discomfort. Forgive and forget. Eliminate negative feelings toward yourself and others. Holding onto regrets and grudges only cause you more inner turmoil, which adds to your stress levels. Forgiving and forgetting will free you from those stresses and enable you to embrace a life of abundance and happiness.

9.       Look for the good. Look for the “silver linings” in your life experiences to allow your heart to relish in the inner-freedom, faith, love, and happiness that comes with being optimistic.

10.   Be charitable. You always reap what you sow; it’s the law of the harvest.  Make it a habit to give graciously.  Charity is a high energy vibration of creation which will attract much more to you in return to be grateful for.

11.   Allow and receive. Allow yourself to receive that which you desire by stopping the self-sabotaging thought “What if…” and embracing “Yes, I can!” Love life by believing everything works out for your highest good. Trust that God is in the details of your life, orchestrating that which you ask for, by believing you will receive. Walking in faith will ease your stress levels and will allow you to receive abundantly. Being mindful of allowing and receiving will enhance your life in wondrous ways.

12.   Dance and sing stress away. Play fun, upbeat music, and sing and dance your stress away to improve your mood and increase your energy. The more you are active doing what you love to do, the more at relaxed you will be.

By incorporating these stress releasing tips into your life, you will be happier, healthier and more content. Say goodbye to stress and welcome in bliss... After all, that’s how your life is meant to be!


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