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What Does a Cheat Meal Mean?

If you're into living a fit lifestyle you've probably heard the phrase, "cheat meal" and  you may be wondering what it means. A cheat meal is having one meal set aside about once a week to eat whatever you want. 

Living a fit lifestyle doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite treats every now and again, eating a high calorie, high calorie meal or dessert is actually a part of carb cycling when eating a clean diet.

Did you know that your body actually needs a break from eating a low calorie diet at least once every week or so? Having a slice of dessert or a high carb meal once a week is what fitness enthusiasts refer to it as a 'cheat' meal or 'cheating'. 

But don't get carried away, it's all to easy to overeat once you give yourself the go ahead to eat freely. Decide ahead of time which one meal to eat your cheat meal. Eat whatever it is you've been craving, such as pancakes and bacon for breakfast or having a piece of pie after lunch. 

Having your cheat meal during the first part of the day is best to keep your body fueled when you're most active, which will also aid in burning more calories than when you're tired and less active in the evening.

Prolonged dieting drops the body's leptin levels which means a low metabolism. Leptin is a hormone that helps your metabolism burn efficiently to burn more calories at rest.

Having a cheat meal once every week or so will surprise your body with more calories which will aid in raising stagnating leptin levels, this metabolic boost will help you to burn more fat at rest and while exercising.

Plan Your Cheat Meal

Sundays are a day of rest for me, I don't train at all and have my cheat meal for my main Sunday meal. I love Sundays, as it's a day of worship and rest. Resting is also essential in living a LivFit Lifestyle, it's a time of spending quality time with your family and taking time to pondering your upcoming week and goal setting. 

If you're on a low carb diet eating a high carbohydrate meal once a week will  do your body wonders. It will restore your glycogen stores to keep your muscles fueled and ready to train hard come Monday. 

Eat what you love for your cheat meal. I'm not one for sweets so I eat more fruit, berries, Ezekiel bread and nuts, especially almonds, and sometimes I'll have fat free pudding with my family after dinner. My muscles love it when I go overboard a bit in eating and so does my metabolism. 

Try eating a cheat meal once a week for a month, choose a day to eat more fruit, have pancakes for breakfast, a big sandwich for lunch or a brownie after dinner, doing so will fuel your muscles and you'll have more energy for your tough workouts during the week resulting in a higher metabolism and added fat loss. 

Embrace living a LivFit Lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating clean and having a cheat meal once a week to create the body of your dreams! 

Liv Fit! Train Hard! Liv Happy!

Carol Whitaker
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