Monday, April 15, 2013

Create Buns & Legs of Steal at Home

Create Buns & Legs Of Steal at Home

With swimsuit season just around the corner it’s time to crank it up a notch or two in the gym to sculpt lean, sexy hamstrings, glutes, calves & quads by summer.

Doing lower body training is tough but highly worth every ounce of energy you use. To get results it takes motivation, dedication and determination to achieve the results of looking in shape in a swimsuit. Who wants to jiggle as the walk along the pool, I sure don’t! J
Make Monday, Wednesday and Friday your leg training days. Working legs takes a lot of energy to push through a good hard workout correctly, but the energy used is that of your brown fat. 

When you dig down deep to do that last rep while doing leg curls for example your body will go for deep stored fat much like it does with doing HIIT. And hard-core strength also burns more calories during and after you train. Give it your all every day in the gym to ensure you achieve your fitness goal that you set for yourself.

Waking up early and getting my exercising done first thing along with taking ?Go Nitrimax before I train is magical formula to maintain my lean physique. Go gives the energy I need to work out harder. I also drink Liv SXinney throughout my training for extra energy and nutrition. 

Buns & Legs of Steal Exercises

Fitness Tip of the Day: 

Quality over quantity!  Be sure to exercise in a methodical manner. Proper form is critical during strength training.  Do not rush through exercises.  By focusing on the muscles being worked you'll have greater results without injury. And be sure to warm up and stretch for at least 10 minutes before and after lifting weights.

Dumbbell Lower Body Workout:

Use medium weights for the first and last set of reps and heavy for the middle sets. Be sure to take mini 30 second water breaks between sets to stretch and re-hydrate your body.

5 x 20 to 20 Dead lifts 

5 x 30 second Wall squats

5 x 25 single leg lift glute bridge (point your toes straight with each rep)

5 x 5 Single leg lunges (alternate legs after each set) forward, side and back

5 x 12-15 Heavy weight leg curls

5 x 15 Squats with calve raises

5 x 20 Plea squats 

5 x 15 Single leg extended squat (place back of foot on chair; take a big step forward to do lunges.)

5 Supermans ~ hold for 60 seconds, keep your legs and arms up as high as you can with toes pointed and raise your arms and legs as high and straight as you can with face at shoulder height facing down.

2 x 20 Calve raises with medium to heavy weights: 20 slow calves raise then do 20 fast with: Complete 1 set each foot direction—Feet out shoulder width apart toes facing out, feet forward toes facing forward shoulder width apart , feet in toes pointing to each other shoulder width apart.

Do this as circuit training, rotate through each set then repeat.
It will take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Take your time and focus on your muscles as you train.


20 TO 30 Cardio at medium intensity before dinner and two hours after your last meal.

Leg workouts are a whopper for sure but sooo worth it! When lifting weights you need to feel the burn during the last 3 reps, if your muscles aren’t fatigued then you’re using too light of weights. Training hard is the only way to sculpt and transform your physique. If your muscles aren’t fatigued after training then you’re not training hard enough.

I did legs today, after lifting I followed up with cardio (medium intensity) on my bike. I was drenched after training this morning! I had an AWESOME workout! I want you to feel the same as I do.  Training legs is an endorphin rush, I love it!  Living my LivFit Lifestyle is so rewarding and improves all aspects of my life—and it will for you too!

I hope you too are getting in the groove of livin’ fit! Remember to eat a whey protein drink with carbs directly after training and then eat every 3 hours throughout the day. Be sure to have at least 20 to 25 grams of lean protein with each meal and snack and eat lots of fresh veggies too.

If you use Liv Sxinney products drink two packets of Green 20 or drink Liv SXinney Max in your water, and take Go Nitrimax before you hit the gym and an hour before bed (two hours after dinner), and have 2 packets of Crave to keep your muscles fed as well as to keep your metabolism in overdrive!

Have a blast sculpting your buns and legs of steal. Happy training! 

~Carol Whitaker
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