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"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."
- William Arthur Ward

Who doesn’t want to be healthier & happier?  I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to improve their health, fitness level and have more abundance in all areas of their lives.  Everything we do in life is to make us feel better by having more peace, joy and happiness.  

Each of us desires to be happy and healthy, after all, that is why were created—to have joy! I understand all too well what if feels like to be sick, exhausted, emotionally drained and out of shape.  Over 20 years ago I was one of the millions who desperately wanted to be healthy and fit. 

When I was at the tender age of 13 I had Rheumatic Fever which required me to take penicillin to protect my heart, after six year of antibiotics I had a horrible allergic reaction, my immune system was virtually destroyed. 

I was then diagnosed with Epstein Barr and then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, each of which is incurable.  I was ill often and struggled with light depression and anxiety most of my teens into my early twenties as a result to the illnesses and low energy level.  It was a difficult time for me as well as for my family. 

I know firsthand how dreadful it feels to be out of control of my life.  I couldn’t stand the way I felt, I was weak, frustrated and exhausted all the time.  I didn’t like to see who I saw looking back at me in the mirror either, that was a very difficult time in my life. 

As I longed to be healthier I would read fitness magazines which inspired me.  I would dream that I was a healthier, happy wife and mother with a physique that was as strong, lean & ripped just like the fitness models I read about.  I was in awe with those who accomplished their fitness goals and dreams.  It wasn’t until I finally became sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time that I decided to take control of my life once and for all!


I prayed for guidance and studied all I could about exercise, diet, and supplementation.  My dear mother helped me immensely as well; she guided me into learning the healing benefits of supplementation.  I read all day long about health and nutrition which motivated me to get moving even though I didn’t have any energy. 

I began exercising lightly and eating healthier by eliminating processed foods, white flour and sugars from my diet, and slowly I began to gain strength and my energy level improved. As I continued studying by reading books, attending seminars, and praying daily I was impressed to learn about the power of the mind and the Law of Attraction. I soon came to realize just how powerful thoughts are and how our thoughts attract like situations into our lives.  It was by controlling my mind by having healthy, happy thoughts which spurred happy feeling that I was be able to create and manifest the life and body of my dreams. 


As I studied how the power of the mind works with the Law of Attraction I began to realize how I was indeed the creator of my life.  I remember how in amazement I felt looking back on my life experiences, each area of my life was brought on by an energy frequency of based on my habitual thoughts. 

As I learned how to master my mind by choosing my thoughts on purpose and allowed myself to let go of limit beliefs I was able to create new beliefs which supported my efforts in achieving my goals and dreams.  I came to realize that I was indeed attracting my own life experiences into my reality. 

I came to know what it really meant to co-create my life with God.  I was so excited to learn that I could literally alter my health, happiness and income by the power of my mind!  How simple yet how complex it was to enrapture.  It was truly the turning point in my life. 

As I marveled at the gifts that I had been given in my learning and growth I slowly began to let go of the negative thoughts about my health that had been playing over and over again. I looked for the good in my various life lessons presented before me. It was difficult at times to feel optimistic and happy, I had my ups and downs just like everyone else. 

But before I came to understand the blessings of learning the life lessons given I didn’t realize how powerful negative thoughts were that I had been playing in my mind for years.  Instead, I began to give thanks for my beautiful body and everything it did for me each day. I realized had I not been through all that I had I would not have been able to become the powerful and enlightened woman I am today.  That was a huge healing step for me emotionally. 

I began to really focus on my thoughts I was able to create new beliefs that validated my desires of I can, be, do and have anything I set my mind to!  I soon began to fully comprehend how to be the master of my mind and to know that my mind is its own entity and that it in fact was not me—it’s only part of my physical body. 


I began to ponder on what I wanted in life and I began to release limiting thoughts and beliefs.  I replaced my sorrows with hope, I let go of fear and embraced faith.  I release doubt and believed. And that is when my world truly began to transform in remarkable ways.
I decided how I wanted my physique to look, I shifted thoughts and energy from “I wish I was....” to “I AM....”  Each day I said my positive affirmations and focused on my goals with love and excitement, soon I began to literally manifest and achieve my goals and dreams easier and with less effort—it was amazing! 

Synchronicity played an intricate role in my life as tender mercies from above showed up in my life daily, it was truly awe inspiring.  As I lived my life in thankfulness to God I began noticing and seeing miracles in life often, I truly had more to be thankful for.


I remember my sweet husband asking what I doing that caused me to change so much; he saw a great improvement in my health, happiness and well being.  When I told him with great enthusiasm of what I had learned along the way he felt peaceful and excited knowing that I was indeed inspired with what I had been drawn to learning along the way. My husband and children also began shifting their thoughts and soon our lives began to improve together as a family in wonderful ways.  My new way of life had rippled down through my family & even my friends, it was amazing to see.

As I came to know and understand how to live through my higher-self and fully embracing my divinity within I began to accomplish my goals and dreams with great focus and precision. My dear friend would say, “Carol I don’t anyone that can manifest their dreams as fast as you! You’re a master Manifestor!”  And she was right, I did! Where there were only walls doors appear wide open, where there were storms the blue skies and sunshine appeared. My life & body transformed in extraordinary ways.  

My beautiful journey of self-discover was truly a gift in my life in every way, I not only transformed my physique into the body of my dreams but I was rejuvenated in mind and spirit as well.  I became whole and complete, even though I still struggled with my health and I always will, I am happy, confident and at peace. I connected my body, mind and spirit which empowered me and still does today.  I learned to love myself unconditionally as I was with all my heart; I became the better part of me. 
By implementing full heartedly that which I had learned I took inspired action to change my life. By releasing limiting thoughts and replacing them with powerful thoughts of creation, believing that my dreams could indeed come true I began to accomplish my goals one by one with ease and less effort. My fitness and life goals soon became my reality; it was an exhilarating and magical journey.  I still live my life this way today.


By incorporating what I had learned into my life which I was divinely guided each new day and was able to create the life & body of my dreams. I still have frustrations arise just like everyone else; however, when I reach a pump in the road I quickly take note that I’m off track from that which I desire, peace, love and happiness. So I learn from it and turn the other direction that leads me to accomplishing my goals and dreams.  

Had I not been sick and struggled with various issues in my life of which I had to learn and grow by I would not have turned to the Lord for help nor would I have learned how to live a fit, lean, healthy, happier, and more abundant way of life. I came to love myself fully despite having chronic fatigue and Epstein barr. 

I accomplished all of my fitness dreams and much, much more.  Each area of my life improved in miraculous ways.  Now I live the life of my dreams every single day! Believe in your ability to create the life & body of your dreams. 

If you follow what I did to accomplish my dreams you will be able to transform your life too. We are all spectacular with infinite wisdom and light within, allow your light within to shine brightly as you embrace your magical journey each step of the way.

Carol Whitaker
Embrace Your Journey to Success
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Transformation Expert
Author of the forthcoming book
Ridculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting
the Life & Body of Your Dreams


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