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Body transformation is an attainable goal for anyone who has the desire and determination to improve their quality of life.  Making the commitment to transform your physique can seem overwhelming for many people, they often think about what it takes to get in shape and feel it’s just too much for them to comprehend; resulting in giving up before they even get started. 

You may be one of them, confused with the plethora of information available online in addition to all of the advice given by novice fitness friends trying to help you, which are ultimately just confusing you more. You can have a slim physique regardless of age, gender or size.  If you're tired of being overweight and exhausted all the time then now is the time to take your health & happiness into your own hands.
 It all begins with an inner desire for change. The first step to begin your weight loss journey is to dig deep and answer the question "Why?" Why do you want to live a healthier life?  Do you want to lose weight for “you” or is someone else pushing you to lose a few pounds?  If you're trying to lose weight because someone is pressuring you to, it will be next to impossible.  You may lose weight in the beginning, but you will most likely gain it all back plus a few more pounds in the end.  You have to do it for You!

Below are simple steps to get you off on the right foot to achieving fitness success. If you take to heart the simple principals you will be able to create the life & body of your dreams....



The first step to successful weight loss is to truly believe in all that your are.  When you love yourself unconditionally right now you will be able to reclaim your power and release limiting thoughts of not feeling worthy to receive.  Believe that you deserve to have a healthy, thin, strong body.  You must acknowledge this and realize that you are perfection now.  You have to believe in you to attain your goals. 

When you love and believe in you your vibrational frequency will attract that which matches your energy ~ like always attracts likeness to it.  So if you have loving thought of appreciation and thankfulness for all that you are your body will shift in a vibration of letting go of the fat stores that used to protect itself from the negative vibrations of the world.  By doing so you will literally be able to lose weight with less effort and more joy in your heart. Believe that you are praiseworthy of achieving greatness in all areas of your life! 


You need to set goals that reflect your own personal desires ~ not your parent's, spouse or friends. You need to discover your own truth and beauty that you were born with.   

Set short-term goals that you know you can achieve.  Write down how you will accomplish your goals each day.  If it’s to exercise for 20 minutes a day then write down exactly when and where you will exercise.  Then follow through!  

When you keep your promises to yourself it will empower you to create even bigger goals and dreams.  Be true to you!  Honor all that you are by keeping your word throughout the day. Once you reach your goals, celebrate by doing something that you love that doesn’t have to do with food.  Then create new short-term goals to achieve or the following week.


Emotions are very powerful in many ways.  You can either make or break your fitness diet plan with just your emotions and attitude alone.  It's important not to brush your feelings under the rug, take note of how you feel and deal with them. 

If you have jealousy, resentment, anger, fear or frustrations towards yourself or anyone else, these emotions will block your energy fields which will make you feel tired, stressed and depressed.  Let those feelings go!  Having negative feelings only harms you, not the person you are mad at.  

Instead of having yucky feelings all the time for something that happened in the past, let it go.  Focus on the beautiful life lessons you learned along the way and bless those that hurt you.  Remember the Law of the Harvest ~ you will always reap what you sow.  So see the good in them, then forgive & forget.  Choose to allow the memories that upset you to subside.  As you practice this daily you will find that your spirit will be lifted, you'll have tons more energy and you will be friendlier to those you come in contact with. 

Your energies will shift from a low, negative frequency to a high, vibrant full of life frequency, which creates feelings of love, joy, appreciation and empowerment. And those feelings are the foundation for creating a happier more abundant future.  The more you are thankful the more you will have to be thankful for!

Be happy in all that you do, especially when you work out and eat a clean diet, make it fun & enjoyable.   Have thoughts of creation and thankfulness for your life and body as it is now.  By being thankful and positive about yourself you will be in the vibration of creation! 


Keeping a fitness  and meal journals of your success is highly motivating.  Keeping a special fitness journal and diet journal is a fantastic means to aid you in reaching your goals.  Log your workout routines and meals daily.  Be honest and true to you by keeping and honoring your goals.

 You wouldn't try to drive to California from New York without a map, so it is with achieving your fitness goals.  Keeping journals is not only helpful but it's emotionally uplifting and keeps you on track with being accountable to you. 

When logging your meals write down your emotions you felt that day.  Pay attention to when you have cravings; was it when you were stressed or tired? Keeping track of your emotions will help you pinpoint what triggers cravings and knowing is half the battle.  When you know what causes you to want to overeat you can create a solution to resolve the emotional issue before it happens again. 

Also write positive affirmations about how amazing you are at the top of each page. Writing positive affirmations will shift your subconscious mind to believing that what you write is real now, it will literally shift your way of thinking to do what is needed to accomplish that which you see and believe to be true. You'll soon find that you'll begin to crave healthier foods rather than junk food.

Your body is very smart and gives you exactly what you think and feel about most.  So have positive loving feelings to create the life of your dreams.


Post photos of your "thin" self or someone that inspires you, post photos of exactly how you want to look after you reach your fitness goals.  See yourself as though you have already achieved your goals, use all 5 senses, see, feel, touch, hear & even taste how awesome you will feel when you are in the best shape of your life.

The art of visualizaiton is a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind into bringing to fruition that which your heart desires.  Each day take a few minute to visualize and feel what it's like to have the body of your dreams.  Look at your inspirational photos everyday and visualize them as though the physique is yours now. 

Take progress photos of yourself each week and post them in your workout log so that you can see your progress along the way.  Photos speak much louder than words.  As you continue to use the power of your mind your body will literally begin to shift into becoming what you visualize.  Your body is a perfect manifestation of your inner thoughts & feelings ~ when you change your mind the body will change accordingly.  Your visions are a trailer to the future movie of your life.  So think and dream on purpose to literally create the body of your dreams!

I hope this resonated with you to help motivate and inspire you to become the very best you can be.  If you have any questions or would like one-on-one Lifestyle Fitness Coaching please feel free to email me directly at or visit my website at for more detailed information.

Believe in success!  YOU can achieve your goals no matter how big or small they may be.  Do not overwhelm yourself with lofty goals that seem truly achievable before you even get started, by doing so you will only set yourself up for failure.  Set short term goals that you know you can keep and achieve. Then set a game plan to achieve your long term goals and then follow through daily!

Logging your way to success is a sure fire way to accomplish your goals, and it is an excellent way to keep a history of what did and did not work for you.  After a few months of keeping a track you will soon find that living my LivFit Lifestyle will becomes easier and easier and will indeed become a natural way of life!

Have fun training and enjoy the journey along the way. Remember, you can do it!

Embrace Your Journey to Success!

Carol Whitaker
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