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The power of the Art of Allowing is truly an art, which requires having initiative, desire, faith, determination, motivation and dedication in believing and allowing that which you hope for to come to fruition.  

The art of allowing begins in your mind, by using the power of your mind and being positive through your thoughts and desires.  What is your dominating desire?  What do you wan to manifest into your life right now, tomorrow, 2 years from now?

You have the power to shift your thoughts and feelings to enable you to utilize your immense power within, to create the life of your dreams intentionally, by harnessing the power of your mind.  

When you are in control of your thoughts you will be able to release limiting thoughts and emotions in your conscious and subconscious mind.  Your mind is your greatest tool of creation of which to call upon and embrace the laws of the universe.  You can master your life by mastering your mind.  You can be the master of your life--but only if you have the passion and desire for change wholeheartedly. 
Thoughts Create Future Experiences
Look at the way you are living now.  What have you manifested so far?  Your world around you is in fact a reality of your past thoughts and feelings.
Ask yourself why you want to change?  What do you want to improve in your life?  Can you believe in your true-essence, the spiritual higher power within you?  If you answered yes then you have the necessary building blocks to truly get the results you desire, that's wonderful!  And if not, no worries... You can capture the burning desire to succeed!  You can become a powerful creator and create your life on purpose and with great intention.

You must know where you are right now and where you plan on going, and then you will have the desire and motivation to get moving towards that which you want.  Did you know that only 3% of our population earns 97% of all the money that is earned ~ isn't that astonishing?  

Why is that you may ask... It's because only 3% knows how to use the powers of their mind to create their goals and dreams.  Think about how many people are stuck in their way of thinking, you may be one of them.  If you continue to do what you always have done you will continue to always get the same results.  
You are Magnificent
Do you know who you really are?  Are you happy? Are you following your bliss?   If not then you have some work to do. You are, in fact, a spiritual, eternal being of perfection filled with pure energy, love and light.  YOU are MAGNIFICENT! 

Ponder who you really are. Take time to still and quiet your mind and to feel your true self vibrating within.  As you do think about your higher-self, focus on your energy and allow your energy to shift into a harmonious state of being with heavenly powers. This in fact will begin to bring your body, mind and spirit together, which is the beginning to be able to practice the Art of Allowing.

You must learn how to shift your thoughts and feelings to become the master of your powerful subconscious mind.  Your life experiences and those that you associate with have created paradigms within your mind, of which keep you stuck; it is locked in your subconscious mind so you cannot expand your awareness and enlightenment without shift and creating new belief systems which support your desires.  

Allow Success to Come to YOU
By choosing to have powerful thoughts and feelings of success you will be able to create new beliefs and have increased faith which will enable you to break free from your limiting sub conscious beliefs, or paradigms.  

aIf you can release the limiting part of your mind that controls your negative beliefs and behavior you will be able to shift your paradigms into a new dimension of hope and belief, having faith that all things are indeed possible. 
Put your desire in writing.  Writing is a manifestation tool of creation. Write down in great details how much you want to earn, what you want to do, how you want to look, how you want to live your life, use your imagination and dream big!  

Then read it often throughout the day.  Believe that you can have your dream some to fruition.  Use the power of your mind; seeing, believing and allowing your goals and dreams to come to you easily by taking the path of least resistance.  And always share your abundance with those in need.

When you become clear in your desires, sift through your options and create a detailed plan of action for enabling the Art of Allowing to become part of your daily beliefs and life.  You too can become highly successful and receive vast abundance in all things, in all areas of your life, you can become one of the 3%! 

When you shift your paradigm you will become empowered, hopeful, filled with faith, enthusiasm, and you will be filled with love.  Your life will transform in remarkable and miraculous ways.  Your efforts and beliefs will touch people’s lives in unfathomable ways, all because you know and believe in who you are.  Know and believe that dreams really do come true when you allow them to come to you. 

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach
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