Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I'm excited to watch KUTV News tonight at 5 pm. They're airing a segment on my life. When Carla (the producer) first asked me if they could do a segment on my life and how I accomplished living a fit lifestyle I have to admit that I was taken back a bit.... I was honored and graciously accepted her kind offer, but in the back of my mind I thought... Really??? Me???

It made me ponder my life and my purpose here on earth. What was I going to say that would touch the hearts of those who felt impressed to watch my segment? I felt inspired to share what I am truly passionate about and to speak from my heart. I talked about my earlier years when I was so sick and how I learned from my life experiences. And about my passion to teach others to love themselves unconditionally and to put themselves first... Too many mother's forget about themselves and serve others all day long without giving a second thought to take time out of their hectic schedules to care for themselves. Which often leads to low self-esteem and fatigue.

I receive countless messages asking for guidance in how to creat a healthy lifestyle. With each reply I always take a minute to feel the energy from the person before I answer their questions. I'm always honored to assist others in their pursuit of health and wellness by teaching them how to live a LivFit Lifestyle.

So I hope tonight's segment is well received, it will be highly rewarding if only but one heart is touched my my sincerity. I hope to do more with Carla in the future. She's an absolute doll and we really did have so much fun! I feel so blessed and give thanks for all the abundance in my life. Life really is so gooood!!!
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